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Special needs planning is naturally related to working with elder law, medicaid, and government programs. Through this branch of my work, I can better assist you in getting complicated medicaid planning done for children with disabilities or special needs. Helping special needs clients is just another crucial part of the estate planning and elder care continuum. One of the most crucial benefits gained through special needs planning is the ability to maintain control of your special needs child so they can’t be led astray by someone trying to take advantage of them.  Essentially it maintains the legal relationship between parent and child beyond the age of 18. It’s mutually beneficial as the parent can continue to act for the child’s best interest. Typically, setting up a special needs trust means being able to service the government programs the child is eligible for in order to supplement their lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life.  Often the expenses related to caring for a special needs child are astronomical and they need help. Some of the tools we can use to help you and your loved one with special needs are:
  • Guardianships
  • General powers of attorney
  • Medical power of attorney if a trusted family member exists that wants to assist them through the legal system.
  • Establishing special needs trust for disabled children, or people with disabilities.
In my experience, it’s important to instruct people in what they legally can and can’t do in regards to special needs and estate planning.  The rules of social security are complex and unintuitive, which is why you need a trusted guide through the process. The Lance ElderLaw team is here to help you plan and protect your livelihood and your loved ones.

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